The Red Coats are coming, and only the Founding Force can stand in their way.

King George rules the colonies with an iron fist...

And it is up to General Washington and his rag tag band of rebels to declare their independence…with a vengeance. Choose your hero, and prepare yourself for some good old-fashioned beat ‘em up action the way the founding fathers intended. So, grab your closest compatriots and endeavor to create a more perfect union as you fight side by side through the historic events that forged the greatest nation in the world.

    Play as one of the four members of the Founding Force:

  • George Washington — Stalwart Leader of the force, armed with truth, justice, and a sturdy axe. He chops through the enemy like a forest of cherry trees.
  • Benjamin Franklin — His quick wit and quicker fist will cut through any hostile discourse.
  • Alexander Hamilton — The forces of oppression will scatter at the sound of the little lion’s flinktlock barrage.
  • Thomas Jefferson — Armed with his steam-powered Liberty Armor, he will make any truth self-evident.
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